Tosin Jegede Foundation

The foundation's Primary Values: Collaboration, Honesty and Innovation Our objective is to improve the quality of life of all Nigerian children, with an emphasis on education. We will make a positive change through education as we believe it can enlighten, expand and empower young minds. We promote the use of both formal and informal methods to implement these ideas. We aspire to create an awareness of the need for education, while monitoring and improving the quality of the education provided and assisting with the affordability of education.

The foundation's work focuses on the underprivileged children which fall into these groups: Abandoned Children, Orphans, Street Children, Child Workers and Abused Children.


  • Literacy figures improved
  • To have more family and community support for the education of children
  • Increased communication between Nigerian children and the world
  • To have the wellbeing of children as priority
  • To encourage creative arts and sports among young people
  • To assist with the funding of education for children from disadvantaged homes
  • To work with organisations who believe in a positive future of the Nigerian Child
  • All children have access to a community resource / recreational centre
  • To have more family and community support for the education of children
  • To invest resources to ensure our aims are met
  • To adopt each child benefitting from us as a child of the foundation


Scholarship Programme
Scholarship Recipient

Name: Ene
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Academic Class: Primary 4

Why we have chosen to sponsor her...
Ene fits the profile of children the foundation is looking to work with, she comes from a one parent home which occurred due to the loss of a parent.

She is the eldest daughter of 3 children to a young widow. The foundation first came across her, when we spotted she had a slight limp when she walked. We later discovered she had an abnormality, which had occurred from birth - on her right foot the second toe was larger than her big toe. This caused her pain when she walked. Added to this was the unfortunate ridicule she got from her peers and adults about her toe.

The foundation took on the responsibility of her health and wellbeing, by seeking medical services to resolve this defect. The toe has now been operated on and the little girl walks with better comfort.

Ene is a brilliant creative child and the Foundation decided to increase it's commitment to her, by offering her a scholarship through primary school.

Celebrating the Life of Pa Obafemi Awolowo

As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Nigeria's independence, many generations have been added to the citizenship of this country since 1960.

It has become apparent that the young people of Nigeria are not aware of whom Pa Obafemi Awolowo is or of the impact he made to Nigeria. Tosin Jegede Foundation believes strongly in educating the people of Nigeria on our heritage and history. A personality like Pa Obafemi Awolowo is a huge reason why we able celebrate 50 years of our independence.

The foundation has embarked on a book project to tell the story of this Nigerian hero, in simple words for children. The story focuses on the early part of his life, telling the story of the different experiences and hurdles he faced.

We would like to feature at the launch of the book, an exhibition that will display pictures, personal items and moving images of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The exhibition will incorporate technological displays, using interactive points i.e. touch screens which will allow the user interact with the story.

The audience for this project will be children in Primary schools, notable Nigerians and people that have benefited from Pa Awolowo's government.

One Child One Book Project

The One Child One Book or 1 Child 1 Book Project is a Tosin Jegede Foundation initiative. The project aims to give each child in primary schools in Nigeria a book of their own, starting with Lagos State. Processes and equipment would need to be designed and employed in order to meet this ambitious goal.

This project is built on the following premise:

"With a book in hand, a child can grow, learn and rise above all challenges"

Recent statistics show that Lagos State has approximately 1,103,000 students in Government run primary and secondary schools. Research and observations show that the average ratio of students to books in many of these schools stands at a shocking 20:1. This disturbing reality impacts not only examination results, but on the general quest for knowledge and self-advancement. A nation with a high population of non-literate citizens can only expect a plummet in their socio-economic growth and future educational development.

It is on this basis that we recognise the need to do something; to build an early foundation.

  • To build an early foundation of the love for books and knowledge acquisition
  • To raise books for subsequent distribution to public primary students in Lagos State
  • To encourage creative writing in students