Our Progress

"With a book in hand, a child can grow, learn and rise above all challenges"

Our Progress

We have been in contact with various organisations and individuals and have secured the number of books required to satisfy our goal to provide all Primary School children in Lagos State with a book of their own.

However, we would like to source a higher proportion of suitable reading material from Nigerian authors and publishers, and have already received some generous offers.

We are currently in contact with the Education Board to aqcuire the data we need to calculate how many books we will need for each school for the academic year 2011/2012. We will also use this data to plan our distribution routes and schedule.

Fundraising events are commencing in Lagos and we are seeking to secure donations from Nigerian corporations.

To enable the first container of books, we will require approximately 2m Naira, so we ask everyone to donate via the methods provided on this website.

[Please be cautious about payments made via any method other than those available on this website [www.1child1book.org], as there may be unscrupulous individuals who may try to use our name to steal your donations for their own personal gain.]